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The allure of having filthy car park sex with a horny chav bitch can be pretty great since these nasty estate slappers really love to get fucking dirty as fuck. Holly Kiss is one chav slut that will do just about anything to get whatever she desires. Today her desires have her hoping to score a bottle of vodka. Sure she could get some money then she could go to the store herself but that’s just an extra step that this alcoholic chav whore just cannot be bothered with. Woody Nobbit is the lucky ass git in this hot chav slut sex scene and he offers Holly Kiss a bottle of his vodka that he happens to have in his van. Woody is on his way to a council estate slapper party and has a box full of booze he’s bringing when he runs into Holly.

She stops him and begs for a ride home and he obliges since Holly is looking like a fine slapper in her slutty black dress. As they are driving Holly asks him what is in the box clanging about and Woody tells her he’s got some vodka that he’s taking to a party and Holly asks him if she could take a bottle of the vodka and have it for herself. Woody figures he won’t miss one bottle and makes a deal with the slutty chav that she can have the bottle if she fucks him at a secluded car park. They find a secluded car park in the West Midlands and Woody fucks Holly’s chav pussy good making her scream. This is one filthy chav slut car park sex scene that should not be missed!

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They stopped the van to ask her some questions and see if she might like a ride and since it was beginning to rain Shay decided she could use a ride. When she got into the chav van they told Shay that some hot chav sex was part of the deal and since she didn’t want to be out in the rain she agreed to fuck Woody. Yes, it was that easy. Do you know why? Because Shay Hendrix is one of the biggest chav sluts in Birmingham that’s why! The chav van boys sure know how to pick them and the chav sex that ensues in the van is so bloody hot I’m betting this is a scene you’ll be watching again and again. If you like estate council slappers in tantalizing and filthy heat then you should not miss this hot chav sex scene!